About Daan Utsav

Aastha Foundation Aurangabad

Dan Utsav (earlier called the Joy of Giving Week) is India’s “festival of giving” . Launched in 2009, the festival is celebrated every year, in the week including Gandhi Jayanti, i.e. October 2-8, and brings together Indians from all walks of life, to celebrate “giving”. From auto drivers to CEOs, school children to celebrities, homemakers to opinion leaders, millions of people give their time, money, resources or skills back to society by creating or participating in “events of their choice. A giving event could be as simple as a family taking out the maid’s children for an ice-cream party, or as large as Gift Compassion that had 10,000+ school children across India making and exchanging gifts with their peers from different socio-economic backgrounds. Events are organized by individuals, social groups schools, colleges, NGOs, corporate, media houses and others.

Celebrate the Joy of Giving with Aastha

Free Pneumonia Vaccination for senior citizens in Unprivileged Area

Pneumonia is a disease caused by bacteria called pneumococci and can be serious in senior citizens. Pneumococcal Polysaccharide Vaccine IP is available for people above 65 years of age to prevent this disease. This vaccine is given free of charge by Astha Foundation Aurangabad to elderly people in slums during the Daan Utsav week.