"Basant Prabha Visawa"

“Basant Prabha Visawa is an “Elder Care Home” and a “Long Term Residential Facility for Sr.Citizens including assisted living. This building is not be just a structure of bricks and cement but is an epitome of elder care which will cater to needs for generations to come.

A Dream Project "Basant Prabha Visawa"

The salient features of this project are:

  1. 3 acre charming natural environment, surrounded with big trees, calm, secured premises
  2. Beautiful, airy, spacious, comfortable rooms having attached wash rooms with handles and railings wherever required.
  3. Facilities of all type of cares required for old age are provided.
  4. Health care, Physical and emotional assistance, hygienic food, planned kitchen
  5. A team of trained geriatric caregivers round the clock is provided to take care of all residents including dementia patients.
  6. All amenities like Garden, Walking track, Miyawaki forest, Library, Entertainment zone, Meditation hall, Counselling, Physiotherapy etc. planned.
  7. Doctors visit two times a week and ambulance service in case of emergency.
  8. Residents are also allowed for short period and rehabilitation of operated patients for physiotherapy as per advice is available.
  9. Opportunity to live remaining life as Golden Years of Life.
Objectives of Basant Prabha Visawa

Aastha Foundation Aurangabad believes that the best place for any aging individual is with family. Our efforts are towards repatriating senior citizens with their family. Our counselling and shelter facility provides support to the family and its senior member to live happily together.

For those senior citizens who do not have family support and care are given an opportunity to live with dignity and respect at Basant Prabha Visawa.
The senior citizens residing in this premise will have company of each other while they utilize other services and facilities available here. This project along with providing them with basic food and shelter will also take care of their other medical, recreational and emotional needs. Primary medical care will be available at the premises. Trained staff will be available through the year, round the clock to take care of these elderly residents.

  • To increase the security and safety amongst senior citizens by provision of basis facilities
  • To enhance social, physical, psychological and emotional needs of senior citizens
  • To increase self respect, self confidence and dignity amongst senior citizens.
Basant Prabha Visawas location

Basant Prabha Visawa is located at Jadgaon on a 3 acre land near Shendra MIDC. Approximate 19 km away from Chh. Sambhajinagar. It is a place away from city’s busy life and yet very much near the city.

Basant Prabha Visawas Residats

Basant Prabha Visawa accommodates senior citizens only. Following persons can be residats of Basant Prabha Visawa

  • Senior citizens above the age of 65, who want to spend their life in Basant Prabha Visawa.
  • Women from any age group who want to live in Basant Prabha Visawa for any reason.
  • Senior citizens who want to take rest in an atmosphere free from familial and social responsibilities and tension.
  • Senior citizens who want to spend some time in different atmosphere.
Admission to Basant Prabha Visawa

Basant Prabha Visawa accommodates senior citizens only.
1. Any Senior citizen above age of 60 can stay in Basant Prabha Visawa.
2. They have to apply and complete all the formalities as per the rules and regulations of Aastha

Life in Basant Prabha Visawa
  • All the needs (geriatric) of senior citizens will be especially taken care of at Basant Prabha Visawa.
  • Sharing rooms and single rooms will be made available as per need.
  • The residats can participate or help in social work or Basant Prabha Visawas work at their will and choice.
  • Considering an ideal lifestyle for senior citizens, a daily routine will be fixed.
  • Along with community prayer, entertainment and regular health services other health related activities, picnics will be arranged for all inmates.
Facilities and Services in Basant Prabha Visawa

1. Sharing room for two/three persons.
2. Room with bed, table, chair etc. Attached bath room/toilet.
3. Morning tea/coffee, Breakfast, Lunch, evening tea/coffee and dinner will be provided.
4. Library, Meditation Hall, Common T.V., Carom, Chess, playing cards etc available.
5. Physiotherapy centre, OPD, Open gym, walking path way etc available.
6. Trained care givers for 24 hours.
7. Ambulance for emergency.
8. Entertainment programs once in a week.
9. Counseling for personal issues before and after admission.
10. Opportunity to express their hidden talent like singing, painting etc.