Welcome to Aastha Foundation Aurangabad
Working for Joyfull Old Age
Established Since 2008

The percentage of the senior citizens in India's population has been growing at an alarming rate and ageing will emerge as major social change in the future and vast resources will be required towards the Support, Services, Care and Treatment of the elderly persons.

As per report the population of elderly people in India is expected to go to 20% in 2050 and will be nearly 50crs . The rapid increase in the population of senior citizens has increased physical, social and emotional problems of elder persons. The major challenge there for is to ensure that not only the senior citizen live longer but lead a secure dignified and productive life. Most of the senior citizens are fighting isolation, neglect, poverty and loss of dignity. Ageing has become a major social issue. It is necessary to provide economic and health needs to elderly and to create a society, which is sensitive to their emotional needs.

Community living for the Senior Citizens found to be the best solution, which will greatly reduce the problem of their dependency and isolation. As a result, "Aastha Foundation Aurangabad" NGO was established with "Joyful Old Age" as the conceptual vision and objective and registered under societies and trust act in 2008. In particular, it is working for the betterment of senior citizens to provide them Comfort and Care, Love, Dignity and Respect.

Legal Status : Reg. under Society Act and BPT Act of 1950.
Society Reg. No. MH-269/08.
Trust Reg. No. F 14030 (Aurangabad)
Income Tax Registration Under 12A : 12A(1) –AACTA4960FE20214
Income Tax Exemption under Section 80G : 80G(5) AACTA4960FF20214
W.E.F. A.Y. 2022-23 TO A.Y. 2026-27
Validity from 01.04.2021 to 31.03.2026
Permanent Account No. (PAN) : AACTA 4960F
CSR Reg. No. : CSR00006769
Office Address : Aastha Foundation Aurangabad,
Flat No.1, Plot No.12, 'Shri Sankul' Shrey Nagar,
New Osmanpura, Chh. Sambhajinagar 431005.
Tel. 0240-3556586
Name of the Bank : Bank Of Maharashtra, Kranti Chowk, Chh. Sambhajinagar.
Account Name : "Aastha Foundation Aurangabad"
Account Number : 60023429877
IFS Code : MAHB0000301

Awards and Recognitions

Aastha's efforts are being recognized by number of institutions.

  1. "Aastha Foundation Aurangabad" received certification from
    "Tata Institute of Social Sciences"
    for Centre for Excellence in CSR and Certificate of Impanelment.
  2. Awarded the Guide Star India transparency Key valid till 31/12/2023.
  3. Aastha Foundation Aurangabad approved by IICA.
  4. Received Unique ID from Niti Aayog Darpan.
  5. Aastha is also certified for its "commitments to Transparency and Public Accountability" by GuideSTar India.

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